Alyssa Milano Then

Alyssa Milano NOW

Cameron Diaz Then

Cameron Diaz Now

Carmen Electra Then

Carmen Electra Now

Cindy Crawford Then

Cindy Crawford Now

Claudia Schiffer Then

Claudia Schiffer Now

Demi Moore Then

Demi Moore Now

Denise Richards Then

Denise Richards Now

Halle Berry Then

Halle Berry Now

Jennifer Aniston Then

Jennifer Aniston Now

Michelle Geller Then

Michelle Geller Now

Michelle Pfeiffer Then

Michelle Pfeiffer Now

Milla Jovovich Then

Milla Jovovich Now

Monica Bellucci Then

Monica Bellucci Now

Nicole Kidman Then

Nicole Kidman Now

Pamela Anderson Then

Pamela Anderson Now

Shannen Doherty Then

Shannen Doherty Now

Winona Ryder Then

Winona Ryder Now

Catherine Zeta-Jones Then and Now

#35How Our Sex Symbols From The 90’s Changed In Just Over 20 Years

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